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Buy micro bar disposable vape and experience the year 2024 in cloudy misty fumes. Micro Bar is an American vape brand whose breakout in 2023 is causing rampage (buy micro bar vape). We manage to grow our fan base from less than 1000 people to over +1 Million followers and consumers within 6 months. You are welcome to Micro bar vape official website, where you can; buy micro bar vape, link with community of followers, write your reviews about micro bar vape brand and get to suggest amelioration. We suggest you subscribe to our newsletter so as to be updated on all Micro bar’s new products, promotions, campaign and our great upcoming festival.

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The harm from smoking is caused primarily through the toxins produced by the burning or combustion of tobacco. By contrast, vaping your Micro bar is harmless and safer. This is the first genuinely new way of helping people stop smoking that has come along in decades.
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Welcome to the official website of Micro Bar vape brand. With our headquarter and warehouse located in Washington, hence making it easy to order for home delivery. Buy Micro bar disposable vape for sale from our official store and resellers around your area. We have manage to set stores in California and New York respectively as of 2024 and are preparing more expansion. We deliver to the UK, Canada and Europe tax and custom free. You have here access the the most trending VAPE of 2024. In addition to trend, we have record the best statistics for upcoming e-cigarettes according to www.truthinitiative.org/research-resources/emerging-tobacco-products.

Are Micro Bar Disposable good?

Yes! Micro bar vapes are good and not harmful to your system as compared to other vapes. The statistics say it all, we stand in front at being the most likely 2023 startup brand to emerge top by the end of 2024. People love Buying Micro bar vape, with all the review on our Instagram profile, you can see Micro bar disposable reviews.

Micro Bar Price

Well, there has never been a change in our prices from the creation of our brand. Depending on if you get it from us at Micro Bar official, we sell Micro bar disposable vape at a unit price of $35. All different Micro bar flavors cost of $35 a piece. Do not be fooled or buy fake micro bars, hence to avoid such constrain, always order from the Micro bar official website or our base store in New York. Note there are many Reseling store for vape and for many sell Fake vapes. While others sell low quality disposable carts which affect your health negatively.

Giant Micro Bar

Many also call these Huge Micro Bar Vape, this mostly attributed to their size. Our brand stands out with this feature we offer vape lovers to showcase their Giant Micro bar vape and share with the world. Join our Next Micro Bar street Festival in California and experience greatness. Buy Micro Bar near me and join this big community of vape lovers.

Micro Bar Flavors

A wide variation of Micro Bar unique flavors to satisfy out customers. From our Pink lychee Micro bar, Micro Bar Lemon Headz, Mango Sunset, Peach ringz, Zhirley Temple, Orange Crush and Apple starz. To the unique upcoming Micro Bar Weed, available only on back-order.

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Buy Micro bar disposable near, Micro bar for sale, at the official website of Micro bar vape brand. Micro Bars near your location, place your order for microbar disposable vape and get home delivery.

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A unique, master piece of electronic cigarettes produce here by the Micro bar brand. Their colorful design and display give them a simple, bright but stand-out feature. Hence we can declare from public opinion, Micro Bar Disposable vape is the Most Beautiful vape on the market. Join +1 Million other member in our communities and social spaces to get discount bonuses and free branded gifts.

buy micro bar disposable vape


Micro bar is not just a beautiful piece of art but also a modeled generation of what the best quality of e-cigarette should look like. With the supper power dual air flow which help produce large mist of cloud (puffs). Quality of the Micro bar vape juice is tested and approved by FDA before prefill and distribution. So far, we have nicotine-supported and nicotine-free micro bar disposable flavors.

buy micro bar disposable vape


Micro bar disposable vape did not reach the top of the chart by just producing quality products. We give our community what they want; from the Micro bar Sleek design, best quality vape juice, user-friendly product, long lasting battery (Eco-friendly), vary flavors, nicotine/nicotine-free, best THC-CBD percentages and ratio to the best customer service. Where our pride lies, a friendly staff ready to assist you 24/7.

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