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Welcome to Micro Bar, where innovation meets satisfaction! Founded in 2023, we’ve rapidly evolved into a powerhouse in the e-cigarette industry. Fueled by a relentless commitment to quality and customer experience, Micro Bar has swiftly gained the trust of over 1 million enthusiasts worldwide. Join our thriving community as we redefine vaping excellence, setting the standard for a smoke-free, flavorful future.


Welcome to the official website of Micro Bar vape brand. With our headquarter and warehouse located in Washington, hence making it easy to order for home delivery. Buy Micro bar disposable vape for sale from our official store and resellers around your area. We have manage to set stores in California and New York respectively as of 2024 and are preparing more expansion. We deliver to the UK, Canada and Europe tax and custom free. You have here access the the most trending VAPE of 2024. In addition to trend, we have record the best statistics for upcoming e-cigarettes.

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Description & How it works

  • Quality vape with a beautiful design embedding a robust long lasting battery (2-4hours) continuous puffs.
  • Calibration for juice content allow for large amount of micro bar vape juice at once.
  • With the supper power dual air flow which help produce large mist of cloud (puffs)
  • Just order for your Micro bar vape, make payment and it will be ship to your home address
  • Once you receive your Micro bar disposable, not it is pre-fill so you just turn it on and experience your first puff at the comfort of your home.
  • You can order for varied flavors and they all come with their charger of 3.5 ~ 5V (quick charge).