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Micro Bar Dual Price

Micro Bar vape cost $30 each, unlike the Micro Bar Dual which cost $55 a piece. These are a unique set of products made for longer with better quality infused flavors. Note that the reason why micro bar vapes cost less than the Dual is because of their constituency and Flavors. The Dual collection comes with a double sensation as its name defines. Read more about the Dual Micro Bar collection to understand the difference in cost.

Micro Bar Dual Flavors

What is Micro Bar Dual collection?

Micro bar Dual vape flavor is a special combination of 2 unique quality strains to produce a homogeneous Micro bar infused vape of high quality. Experience vapers go for the Micro Bar vape with 2 in one flavors to experience a double sensation with each Puff. This Product is standing in line to be the top selling vape in 2024 as per our statistics. The brand has emerge as a leading vape producer and has the American community following in mass.

Micro Bar dual flavors are ;